A World of Warcraft Horde guild on the Wyrmrest Accord server.
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 Please Read Before Requesting Access!

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Please Read Before Requesting Access! Empty
PostSubject: Please Read Before Requesting Access!   Please Read Before Requesting Access! EmptyTue Jun 16, 2009 10:04 am

Greetings visitors and guild members! I would like to inform you that full access to the forums is restricted to members. That means you have to have been physically invited to the guild in-game before asking for access to the forums.

It is highly HIGHLY recommended that you register with either your in-game
character name or with your full RP name (which, I would assume, contains some part of your in-game character name). Not doing so will slow down how quickly we get back to your forum access request. As of right now this is not mandatory, but if it becomes an issue we will make it a rule.

If you are a visitor or a prospective recruit, you are welcome to use the public forums to communicate with the rest of the guild.


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Please Read Before Requesting Access!
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