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 To Apply....

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To Apply.... Empty
PostSubject: To Apply....   To Apply.... EmptyTue Jun 30, 2009 9:59 am

Simply copy and past the form found in THIS POST, start a new topic (preferably with a subject that gives us your character's name and class), and answer all the questions carefully. Making sure you have a good-looking application that looks like you've spent time working on it makes a good first impression.

Thanks for your interest and best of luck!

It should be noted that we discourage members from posting in these. This forum is mainly for officer review of threads and interaction with those who have applied. We were trying to find a way to make the threads viewable only by those who had submitted them, however we've had no such luck yet.

So... there's a Chris Crocker joke to be had in here somewhere, however we'll have to settle for this now.

Mek worl iyaz riva sca t'ief Quashi!
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To Apply....
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